Lost Earrings I

On 22nd June 1633, Galileo was forced to sign the confess letter for the Rome Church and recant his heliocentric theory. He was allowed to return to his villa in Florence in 1634 under house arrest after prisoning in Rome. However, it was just the beginning of a series of loss. Besides losing his public support for the heliocentric theory, Galileo lost his beloved daughter Virginia and struck by the sadness, lost his eyesight. With the loss of heliocentric theory, daughter and eyesight, never had Galileo’s world been so dark.


Loss is the price we pay for what we believe. Without persistence in our belief, we wouldn’t have experienced the overwhelming resistance and external threat that take our precious part of life away. The feelings of loss may appear heavy and dark, but on the other side of the loss, is our faith in something bright, which can never be buried by the darkness.


In this pair of earrings, the pearl sun and planetary orbit represent the heliocentric theory, which Galileo lost under the threat of the Church. The gold triangular cone points to our faith. No matter how much we have lost, our faith will shine brightly like the sun and the persist through the darkness like the eternal universe.


Materials: 18kt gold, silver 925, fresh pearl. Handmade in Florence, Italy.

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Lost Earrings I

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