Found Necklace Small II

Despite loss of freedom under house arrest, Galileo dedicated his time to one of his finest works, Two New Sciences. In this masterpiece, he summarized work he had done some forty years earlier, on the two sciences now called kinematics and strength of materials. The book was initially published in Holland to avoid the censor. As a result of this work, Galileo is called the "father of modern physics”. No matter how much we have lost, as long as the faith exists, in the end, we will still find where our hearts belong.  


This necklace is the counterpart of Loss Collection. While in the Loss Collection, the silver was oxidized to symbolize the darkness of the loss, in the Found Collection, the silver was polished into brightness to represent the light at the end of the tunnel, when we persist through the darkness. The triangular cone points to the direction of our heart, where the faith resides.


Materials: 18 kt gold, silver, fresh pearl. Handmade in Florence, Italy.

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Found Necklace Small II

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