Fall Ring Gold

In1589, Galileo conducted an experiment by dropping two spheres of different masses from the Learning Tower of Pisa. As the spheres of different masses fell with the same acceleration, Galileo disproved Aristotle’s theory of gravity, which claimed that the speed a thing fell was dependent on its mass, and broke the myth held for over a thousand years. With the falling of spheres from Pisa Tower, Galileo arose as the pioneer and heralded a new era of experiential science.


Inspired by Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment, the Fall Collection embodies Galileo’s can-do attitude and courage to challenge the authority and conventions. At L’Essayeur, we’re obsessed with falling. When Galileo’s spheres fell on the ground, there came new discoveries and breakthroughs; when our hearts fall in love, there come miracles between two souls.


Here’s what L’Essayeur proved: Not every fall is a fail.


Materials: 24 kt yellow gold plating, sterling silver 925 solid. Handmade by sculptor in Prato, Italy.

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Fall Ring Gold

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    Each piece of  L'Essayeur jewelry is an artwork delicately handmade by Italian sculptors and artists, so please allow us 21 working days to make it perfect for you.


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