“Who would set a limit to the mind of man? Who would dare assert that we know all there is to be known?” 
                                     -Galileo Galilei 

L’Essayeur is a luxury avant-garde jewelry brand founded in London. The brand inherits the genes of science and art from its founders, Chengxi Wang and Jamie Lou, who respectively graduated from University of Oxford and University of the Arts London. When the spirit of scientific revolution meets bold artistic expression, L’Essayeur is more than a collection of precious metals and gems, but a wearable attitude of authenticity, rebellion and transformation. To this purpose, each jewel is designed to tell stories of historical rebels. For example, our signature collection centers on Galileo Galilei, who, in the face of imprisonment, unshakably defended his heliocentric theory and shook the center of the universe.


The brand name, L’Essayeur, was inspired by a book published in by Galileo Galilei in 1623. The book is considered to be one of the pioneering works of the scientific method in Renaissance. Renovating the revolutionary spirit of Renaissance, L'Essayeur jewelry challenges traditions from the design process to the moment you embed our jewelry into who you are. Every piece of L’Essayeur jewelry is an experiment to disrupt the current fashion system. Instead of industrial mass-production, Jamie and Chengxi traveled around Italy to seek prominent artisans for co-creation jewelry projects. For example, L’Essayeur collaborates with contemporary sculptor Leonardo Bossio to challenge the borders between sculpture and jewelry. And cooperation with artist and goldsmith Antonella Sicoli is an experiment to restructure time. Each jewel is a unique piece that combines parts of antiques of different time and rearranges them in an innovative way.  


At L’Essayeur, where disciplinary borders and orders of time are challenged, it’s impossible not to challenge status quo and who you are. Rebel and bring up reincarnation.


Leonardo Bossio

Collaborating Sculptor


Antonella Sicoli

Collaborating Artist