L'Essayeur: The One Who Tries.
Challenging the Traditions of  Making Jewelry  

Project #1:

When Sculpture Meets Jewelry

L'Essayeur collaborates with Italian sculptor Leonardo Bossio to make jewelry as art pieces of sculpture. 

About Collaborating Sculptor: 

Leonardo Bossio

Leonardo Bossio was born in Florence in 1973. He studied Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and taught Sculpture for ten years at the Art Institute of Florence. He has worked as artist for more than 25 years, participating in several sculpture symposia, group and solo exhibitions in many Italian cities.


His art work take shape in a sculpture workshop in the centre of Prato, a town near Florence. His works are united by an attitude of keen observation of contemporary life, more and more attracted by everything that surrounds us, everything that we do on a daily basis with interest in the human figure, surreal and imaginary. With gold, color and luminescent lines, his creations are full of bizarre characters. 

In the co-creation project with L'Essayeur, Leo brings his unique perspective as a sculptor to shape the rebellious spirit of L'Essayeur. For the first Galileo collection, he mainly interprets the spirit of challenging orthodoxy from Galileo's heliocentric theory, where a single man dares to change the center of the universe.

Project #2:

When the Order of Time is Changed

L'Essayeur collaborates with Italian artist and goldsmith Antonella Sicoli to dismantle antiques and reassemble pieces from different time into a new creative jewelry design. 

About Collaborating Artist: 

Antonella Sicoli

Antonella Sicoli moved to Florence in 1977. She attended the goldsmithing’s department of the Istituto Statale d’Arte of Florence and then continued her vocational training in the traditional workshops of the city.  She later attended vocational courses on gemology and goldsmith design established by Regione Toscana (The government of Tuscany ).  She earned a Master in the same field at ISAD in Milan ( The Architecture and Design Institute of Milan ).

In the year 2000 she started her own atelier of hand-wrought production of single pieces. She mainly works with Chinese, Southeast Asian and African materials, combining in her activity the passion for craftmanship and for travels and foreign cultures.

Some of her works are part of the permanent collection of the contemporary jewels of the prestigious Museo degli Argenti at Palazzo Pitti in Florence and the collection of contemporary art of Regione Toscana.

In the co-creation project with L'Essayeur, Antonella seeks inspiration from her antique collections and reinforces L'Essayeur's spirit of authenticity, rebellion and transformation that stand the tests of time. For the first Galileo collection, she depicts L'Essayeur, the one who tries, mainly from Galileo's love for experiments, such as Pisa Tower gravity experiment. You're not just wearing necklaces or earrings; you're traveling in time to talk with Galileo and become "l'essayeur" yourself. 

Fun Fact:

Antonella's atelier is next to the house where Galileo used to live. Could it just be coincidence?